Experimentation in the Studio

When I have some free time, and there is local model available, it’s great to spend a few hours in the Studio, just messing about with different lighting affects, brollies, soft boxes, snoots, barn-doors, naked bulbs and even coloured gels.

The other weekend I had some free time so it was off to a local studio to play.

I tried to replicated different lighting effects, from simple portrait setups, the famous page 3 setup (boring) to more adventurous techniques.

The one we had the most fun with, was trying to replicate the iTunes advert.

A white background heavily lit, but no lighting on the model. She then repeatedly jumped in the air, and I tripped the shutter. We got a number of great poses, and the background being a nice clean white, was then easy to photoshop a more colourful iTunes inspired background onto.

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