From Corporate Portraits to Landscapes

On the photography front, last week I did some corporate portraits.

These can vary from environmental portraits, simple grab shots of people working to more formal shots.  Sometimes these involve the absolute minimum of equipment, just a camera and flash, finding an area with an uncluttered background; other times its more like a full studio shoot.  You take in C-Stands, a background, my portable Elinchrom Flash gear and a high end SLR.  A lot depends on the amount of time your customer will allow you to have and setup time.

Sometimes all they want is you to come in, fire off a few shots and get out again.  Others will allow you to take over a meeting room for a day, you can set it up as a studio and work in a far more controlled manor.  Its important to make your customer understand what you need to deliver the results they need.

This week its personal photography.  I’ll be scouting for waterfalls in North Yorkshire.  Its not a full on photography trip, the main thing is to find some good locations and take a few reference shots.

I’ll be travelling light and taking the minimum of equipment.

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