Photography Biker Style

This week we hit the road. A few days away to rest and recuperate.

We wanted to do a little location scouting, a bit of walking and a bit of Motorcycling. From the sound of it most of those items seem a little conflicting. On a bike you are a little restricted with regard to luggage space.

Ruck sacks and walking gear take up a lot of room and so space for camera gear is extremely limited. Though taking pictures was not a primary goal. We had visited the area last year for a bike trip and spotted a few areas that needed a more detailed investigation.

We started on Tuesday, which was a bike trip up the east coast. The Humber Bridge is now free to cross for Motorcycles so that was our first destination. We crossed the Humber and had our first break at the Cafe there.

We then continued up the east coast to Bridlington and finally Scarborough, before turning west to head for our final destination Aysgarth in the North Yorkshire Dales.

We had stopped here before and wanted to try a walk in the area, in particular near the river and falls.

Wednesday was a walk, a 7 mile walk along the river a valley, trying to spot the best locations to shoot the river, falls and Bolton Castle

Unlike Tuesday which was sunny all day, Wednesday started off with light drizzle, but not enough to put us off. Camera wise I was packing light, just a Nikon Series 1 V1 and two small zooms. I also had a GorillaPod tripod, not brilliant but better then nothing to try and catch the obligatory time laps shot of the river.

The weather improved and sun came out, making it a great and very enjoyable walk. I managed to spot a number of great view points where I would like to come back with my Landscape Photography gear. Unfortunately due the amount of rain in the previous few days the river was extremely high and swollen and it was not worth the risk to get to close.

As you can see in the above shot, it’s an area that shows photographic promise, and the next trip will be in the car so I can bring more gear and more importantly my heavy series 5 Gitzo.

I had also taken with me the iPad and these RAW files were processed on it using the SnapSeed App.

That night we put the diet to one side and enjoyed a rather nice meal. Bottle of wine, followed by a selection of fine Yorkshire Cheeses. Well we had walked 7 miles over Hill and Dale!

Thursday it was time to head home.

A gentle ride through the national park, heading south thought the middle of England.

Biking, Walking/Photography and more Biking; what more could anyone want from a holiday.

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