So here I am, a proud owner and one of the few to have in my hands a Leica M10, and I have two batteries on charge and a busy schedule which means I am unlikely to be able to get out and actually take some photographs.

Luckily I have three models available tomorrow and a studio, so will be having some fun with the new camera, though to be honest the previous Leica the M 240 which its grip, tether ability, is a far better studio camera, but the sensor in the new M10 similar to the Leica SL is one of the best, so I am looking forward to giving it a trial.

I’ll be mainly shooting with my Hasselblad and Nikon D800’s to give the models some decent edited photographs as they are giving their time to me, but i’ll certainly be putting the Leica through its studio test, a test that possibly is the one thing that its least suited for.

Today I rushed home as soon as I could, I had taken a couple of photos of colleagues in the office but the camera has so far remained little used.

As soon as I was home and changed I threw the M10 over my shoulder and hit the streets with Timmy the Greyhound.  Now our local village is nice but is limited in the photographic options, but I still did what I could.  I also took a few pictures of our girls (our chickens).  Hopefully I’ll get a few better shots on Saturday that I can post soon.



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