GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Visiting a Camera Show really gets your GAS going.  We all tell ourselves that its not the camera that takes the picture, that often a trip or training would be money better spent than more gear but new cameras are very difficult to resist.

Currently on my GAS list I have the following:

  • Hasselblad V Series Portrait Lens (150mm)
  • Hasselblad V Series Landscape Lens (40 or 50mm)
  • New Compact (currently top of the list Fuji X100s but the Ricoh GR is up there)
  • New SLR to replace my ageing D200’s (Second Hand D3 or D800)
  • New Wide Carriage Pigment Printer
  • Scanner for Medium and Large Format Film
  • Large Format 300mm Telephoto Lens
  • Jobo Temperature Controlled Development Tank

I was sure at the show there would be some offers and top of my list was the printer followed by the scanner, both purchases would end up saving me money.

I was fairly certain I would not find some of the more specialised items but I was also hopeful that there might be a cheap camera.

I stuck to my guns and got my top priority but I left feeling a little disappointed, I really wanted a shiny new camera and there was a fantastic offer on the Fuji X100s; its amazing how we justify our purchases.

Do you keep your GAS under control?

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