Has Spring Arrived – Motorcyclists leave hibernation

Crossing the Ford
Crossing the Ford

It seems like spring has finally arrived.  While it may be tempting fate to mention the ‘S’ word, the weather is definitely warmer.  The electric heated vest has been left at home for the last few weeks and for this last week I even left the thermals at home.

Its been a pleasure riding in these warm spring evenings.  The number of other bikers on the road has exploded in the last week.  Instead of just two or three bikes in the company car park, we have had nearly a dozen.

This sudden increase does cause problems, I have already seen my first crashed biker being picked up from the side of the road.  I have also been helping other bikers start their bikes as they have dead batteries and have been unable to start their bikes in the car park.

This is rather a rambling post but I think the points are:  If you have not ridden over the winter then you are very rusty.  Take it slow and take it steady.  Also get your bike booked in for at least a check over if not a service to take your through the biking season. We dropped the Honda off at the dealer just before our photography trip and collected it when we got back all, the GS which we have used all through winter is going to get a good clean this weekend then get a full service and new ‘boots’ (tires) next week.

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