Hit and Miss – Frustrating Bird Photography

Wildlife and landscape photography can be a frustrating affair.  Saturday was our last day at Whisby Nature Reserve on our Bee Keeping Course.  We have now finished all the theory and soon will start the practical sessions once the weather is better and the hive activity picks up.

After the lesson, I headed out to one of the main lakes to check out what I could find.  With spring now underway I had taken with me my longest lens and my Nikon SLR together with the big Gitzo tripod.

As you can see, nesting in the reed bed I spotted a nesting coot, and when it moved I spotted it even had eggs.  Unfortunately when it moved and showed the egg, I was not ready for it and had too slow a shutter speed set and ended up with a blurred shot.

Disappointing but those are the breaks.  For every good shot there are thousand of bad ones.  Research, planning and knowing your subject are key to improving your chances.

Hopefully I will have better look next time.

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