Horse Riding and Earth Quakes

Back to work and things back to normal, IT Support, visiting sites. Then flying, horse riding and taking Hannah and Ethan swimming. Basically a normal and very busy month. Oh and don’t forget going to the Gym and running!

We also had a week off to use up our leave before we lost it. Richard took the opportunity to have look at the 2008 BMW R1200GS, nice bike, now how much is a low seat for Caroline to ride it!

As I am sure everyone in England is aware we also had an Earth Quake this month. It woke us up and was certainly the strongest we have felt. Luckly this was caused no damage unlike the last one that caused us to loose a few roof tiles.

Updated 01/03/2008 or 03/01/2008 for our American friends 😉

DATE : 27 February 2008
ORIGIN TIME : 00:56 47.8s UTC
LAT/LONG : 53.404 ° North / 0.331 ° West
GRID REF : 509.9 kmE / 389.0 kmN
DEPTH : 18.6 km
MAGNITUDE : 5.2 Richter Scale (ML)
LOCALITY : Market Rasen, Lincolnshire

Thanks to British Geological Survey for the data.

Lets also not forget Ethan’s Birthday: Happy Birthday Ethan

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