With the Launch of iOS5 we now also have iCloud.

Having syncing between my Mac Laptop, iPad and iPhone is very useful.  The key features are the Photo Stream for Photographers.  I tested this out this afternoon, where I took a photo with my iPhone, then checked the iPad and there was the photo I had just taken.  Not only that but because I have Lion OS X (10.7.2) on the laptop and the latest version of iPhoto (Aperture also supported), when I got home and fired up iPhoto, there was the photographs I had taken on the phone.  No syncing or any effort from myself.

I also tried updating a spreadsheet on the iPad then accessed iWork.com from my work Windows Laptop and was able to continue to work on it.

Only down side so far has been the time its taken to update to iCloud.  As can be expected, Apple’s servers are under a lot of stress at the moment as the worlds iPhone 3GS and 4 users update, but with a bit of patience it gets there and it can only get better.

As Apple improve there integration between there devices and the web, there making it very difficult for a user to want to move away.

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