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As I expected the Internet forums are full of opinions on the new Leica Monochrom, as I and many other people expected most people do not understand it. Many experts do not seem to have any understanding of how digital sensors work and of the advantages that a Black & White sensor can give.

It’s going to be a difficult few weeks holding my tongue. Many photographers seem to lack an understanding that different tools can give different advantages. Small format , Medium Format, Large Format; Film, CMOS, CCD digital sensors, Mirror-less, SLR’S, Rangefinder. There are many tools and options available, just because a type of camera is not for you does not mean it cannot be the perfect tool for another.

The Leica Rangefinder is a niche product. A Black & White Sensor is another niche product, so what you have here is a niche within a niche, a camera that suites few but those it does suite will love it.

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