iOS 8 and iPad2 and iCloud Drive


I jumped in with both feet and upgraded both my iPhone 5 and my iPad2.  The phone worked great, actually seems slightly faster and there are some great improvements.  The iPad2 was a little sluggish but did have a major issue.  I could not get iCloud Drive to work which meant I could not update any of my cloud based spreadsheets.

Reboots, turning iCloud off then back on again; login out of iCloud, I tried it all but nothing seemed to work, so tonight I backed up the iPad and did a full system reset, setting it up as a new device, it was much quicker and iCloud drive worked.

I then reset it again and restored from the backup I had took, this time iCloud worked as it should and the sluggishness had gone.  Not done much other testing yet as I have been checking out the Photokina announcements.

I’ll try and post a few thoughts from the show on Monday but Fuji and Leica really seem to be a roll and know where there going, I get the feeling Canon and Nikon are just treading water not wanting to upset their SLR sales, unfortunately for them SLR sales are looking like the only way is down.

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