iOS Test, process photo and blog all from my phone

Today’s post is a bit on an experiment.  Apples iOS and the apps are getting better all the time but you need to push yourself sometimes to see what you can do.

I had a work around the city and came across this interesting character.  I took a quick snap and then had a chat with him about photography and film.

Afterwards I popped into my favourite coffee shop to have a break. While there I decided to do this test.

I switched the Leica M10 into wireless hotspot mode; connected to it and downloaded a few RAW DNG files to my camera roll on my iPhone 6Plus.

I then launched Adobe Lightroom Mobile and edited the above image, boosting the contrast and a slight crop. Then saved it back onto my camera roll.

I then launched my website editing software. Wrote this post and uploaded the image.

So there you have it. All done on an old iPhone 6Plus.

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