Large UDMA Compact Flash Cards in Older Camera’s

If your anything like me then you make your camera’s last.  Back in the film days, I bought high end secondhand SLR’s, saving my money towards good glass.  I expected them to last at least ten years.

Now with digital SLR’s the manufacturers seem to push you to upgrade every couple of years.

With the high cost of digital SLR’s I expect to get a minimum of 5 years out of them.

As technology moves on Compact Flash cards get bigger and faster.  The latest cards include UDMA high speed technology, and have capacities reaching 64GB.

The question that often arises is do the newer cards work in older camera’s.

Well I thought I would buy some new cards this week for an upcoming trip.

A bit of research seemed to indicate that cards up to 16GB would work in my five year old Nikon D200’s, if I had the latest firmware but I could find nothing about the speed or if they supported UDMA (they don’t I have since found).

I keep my firmware up to date, but I decided to get some 8GB cards.  Having lots of small cards is always better then a few large cards.  I have only had a card corrupt on me once, and I only lost the last few images, but its not a risk I want to take.

Well today they arrived, and I am pleased to report they work.

Incase your wondering, the Nikon D200’s are running firmware, A2.01 and B2.01 and the cards were SanDisk Extreme 8GB 400x UDMA.

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