Leica Friday – (well it was a digital M8 so not a film Friday)

Film Scans in LR4
Film Scans in LR4 – Hasselblad V series

I occasionally post film fridays, where I have taken a film photograph, generally from either my Ebony 5 x 4, Hasselblad 6 x 6 or my Leica M4.

This Friday its a bit of a cheat.  Well more then just a single cheat, a) its posted on a Sunday when I started to feel better from my Tummy Bug. And b) its not film but is from a Leica and the majority of my film posts are from my Leica.

Coffee Shop View

On Tuesday lunchtime just before I started to feel unwell I took a trip to one of my favourite coffee shops in Lincoln, while drinking my coffee I took a few snaps from the coffee shop window.

This is no fine art and shows lack of contrast in the main subject area, plus insufficient shutter speed but then again the greats such as Robert Frank in the book ‘The Americans’ and the decisive moments of ‘Henri Cartier-Bresson’ never let exposure and camera shake get in the way of a great image.

While I would not call this a great image (far from it), remember try to capture the image first and have the technical features of the image come second.

Art first and craft second.

View of the lines
View of the lines

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