Working from Home

Austin7 in Large FormatWell the date on this blog post is Thursday but actually I am typing this up on the Sunday night as I have had a Tummy bug for the last few days.

I came down with it and a terrible headache on Tuesday, about 15:00, so I finished up work and did not do much else that day.  Then on Wednesday I attended a meeting with a client in the morning and headed off home.

Since then I have been working from home not wanting to give anyone else this bug.

Actually I find I often get a lot more done at home as there is less distractions but having internet based telephone it still means that project managers can get hold of you to discuss things.

So its going to be a quite few days until next week. ¬†Hopefully I am up to visiting Lincoln on Saturday or Sunday as its the 1940’s themed weekend.

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