Leica M-D Released

Leica M-D

Today Leica took the brave (or some would say foolish) step of releasing a Leica Digital M with no rear screen.  This is a mainstream model and not a special edition.

Like I said when the rumours started to appear, I like the concept.  For my personal work that involves wandering around the streets of Lincoln, shooting street, it would be a fun and simple camera, just concentrating on the important things.  With this type of photography you generally only get one chance of capturing the moment anyway so not being able to chimp at the screen is not an issue.

The problem is it could not be my main Leica rangefinder.  As I use the rangefinder for portrait work and need to get the image right, checking the histogram is important to me.  With Leica M’s being the price they are I can only really afford one digital M, so its hard to justify this one.

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