Leica M10 in Black and White – Dark and Moody

Leica M10 underexposed

I was reading a review of the Leica M10 by a photographer that had been putting it through its paces over the last three months.

I was particularly taken with some dark and moody Black & Whites he had taken.

Now with my Leica M4 I generally shoot black and white, also with my Leica M8 I shoot black and white but with the M10 I have been shooting mainly colour.

With amazing colour like this below you can see why.

In side the church I was shooting medium format on my tripod but took a three quick snapshots with my Leica M10.

The first shot was at 1/30 second wide open with my 24mm Elmar-M.  Its under exposed but reasonably sharp.  The second two shots were blurred but at least correctly exposed.

The top shot I did recover a little with the fantastic DR available with the M10 but I left it dark to keep it moody.

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