MacOS High Sierra 10.13.0

One thing I have not talked about yet is the new OS from Apple.  While I am usually an early adopter on most things from the Cupertino giant, jumping on board a new desktop OS is not one of them.

Whilst most consumers can jump straight in for those of use relying on our workstations and laptops we have to be a little more careful.

The first stop is checking that may major devices like scanners and printers work.  One of the reasons I now use Epson is the they tend to be very good on the support side and bring out new drivers and updates.

I was pleased to see that Epson have been as good as ever and have already released drivers for my printer.

A quick check on my scanner also showed a new update available for it.

In fact the only issue I have found so far is with my Wacom Tablet.  Drivers are not due until the end of October, though some people have reported that their tablets work but they cannot adjust the settings.

I have some corporate photographs to edit this weekend so i’ll still be holding off.  Once I get a few more reports i’ll likely clone by drive and up grade the cloned drive and test that way myself.  If everything seems ok then I will upgrade, once I have backed everything up of course.

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