Leica Strong Growth – Leica Jealousy

Leica M8  РSea voyage

I find it interesting how some brands attract hatred and jealously.

Apple are certainly one in the computing field and Leica are such a company in the photography business.

This month Leica posted strong revenue growth, with the Leica M, SL and Q doing extremely well.  They managed to grow there market by 6% in a year where the average loss was 10%.

So a company doing well.

The forums were full of hatred, people saying the figures were cooked, that they have never seen a photographer use a Leica or that us Leica’s are all just rich dentists.

Well I helped Leica in there growth this year by purchasing my first new Leica product, the M10, up to now all my Leica gear has been second hand and I have had to save up for many years before I could afford my first new Leica.

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