Leica X 113

Leica X 113

The original X1 was one of the first large sensor’ed compact cameras, Sigma were the first  and this came just afterwards.  For many this was the preferred option, traditional digital cmos sensor and simple direct controls.  It had issues, the first being slow autofocus, poor manual focus implementation and no viewfinder but the quality lens and sensor produced great images.

The X2 was a disappointment, a minor improvement but by then a number of companies had released similar cameras and now Fuji had there fantastic X100, also with direct controls and a fast f/2 lens and a real viewfinder.  Yes it also had focus issues but it also had come great features.

Fuji X100s

At Photokina the other week, as I mentioned in a previous blog post, Leica released the third version of the fixed lens X, this time badged just Leica X type 113.

It seems they have learnt from their previous mediocre upgrade and really gone to town with this one.

Leica x in brown


It still does not have a viewfinder but Leica do an optical viewfinder for it, plus you can use the external EVF from the Leica T series, this particular EVF has the neat trick of having a GPS receiver built into it.

The camera features a lot of ergonomic features of the X Vario and includes the neat auto-manual focus design, so you can finally focus manually with the excellent well damped lens.  The lens is also the fastest in its class at f/1.7.

I have read some of the beta tester reports and the image quality looks good so look forward to when Steve Huff gives a real world test.

It has neat looks and I find myself really wanting to try this together with the D Lux they released.  I feel a bit GAS coming on.


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