Light Weight Photo Editing on the Go

iPad editI keep looking at solutions for light weight photo editing while away from home.

I would love to use an iPad but the added capability of a laptop always seems to win out.  The lack of RAW support is always the killer.

Out of interested I priced up a low spec MacBook Air and it came to less then a iPadPro 9.7 with keyboard and pencil.  Even after upgrading the laptop to an i7 and 8 Gb of RAM it was still not a great deal dearer and if you hit the refurb store you could possibly get it down to the same price again.

Certainly if your away for a week, whipping out an iPad for mail, web browsing, social media updates or entertainment is very convenient and it makes another backup target for all your photographs.  You can take the images into Lightroom Mobile and at least sort out your selects from the jpegs, but real RAW editing has to wait till your back home or have a laptop.  Even with a laptop you cannot do colour critical work but need a colour profiled external monitor.  Colour critical work may soon be possible though on the iPad.

iOS 9.3 introduced ColorSync ported over from OS X, not only that but the screen in the new iPad is not sRGB but is in fact DCI-P3 colour standard.  Its just a shame that the iPad is USB2 speed and not like its bigger brother USB3.

Macbook Air -top

Over the next few days I’ll be shooting a few personal projects on my Nikon V1 and Leica M4.  With the files on the Nikon V1 i’ll be experimenting with using the iPad2 with iOS 9.3 and Adobe Creative Cloud options to see how things have improved.

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