Lincoln Street Photography in 2016

Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand

This weekend saw me Lincoln for my first street photography session of the year.

It was a wet cold day but quite bright occasionally.  I left the ISO at 640 and the aperture at f/4 and let the shutter speed short itself out.

Lincoln Streets

Street photography can take a bit of getting used to and by first shots were like this one above.  No confronting people with the camera for me.

Lincoln Streets-2

As you get more in practice you start to spot potential scenes and situations where the characters will not notice you like this shot above.

Until eventually you throw caution to the wind and start photographing people direct like in the very top most shot which I feel was one of the best of the session.  On the whole if you have a small mirrorless camera and give people a smile they tend to not worry as much as when you confront them with a huge modern DSLR.

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