Lincolnshire Show 2014


This week its the Lincolnshire Show, one of the UK’s largest agricultural shows.  In the main ring we had all the usual displays from show jumping, motorcycling displays and even a parachute display team.LincolnshireShow-3


Its always fun to look round the livestock tents, we had a good look round the rare breeds and especially the chickens as we hope to get some this year.



One the best places to visit is the tent of the Lincolnshire Beekeepers Association, we hope to join them soon once we have the bee hives up and running.LincolnshireShow


They even had a live demonstration of beekeeping.  We had a good look round the show hive which has the frames all behind glass so you can see the bees up close working in their natural environment, and we played spot the queen and spot the drone.  The queen is larger then the rest and has attendants, the drones which are the males are the large bees that do not do anything.  As a few commented like most males!

LincolnshireShow-4The weather forecast was a little uncertain so I packed a waterproof in my ruck sack and for the photography carried my little Nikon V1 with the 10mm (28mm field of view) lens which performed quite nicely.


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