Low End Fuji’s X Trans without the X Trans

fuji X-A1


The mirror-less Fuji X-E1 released recently was a slightly new direction for Fuji.  There are a number of defining features that one thinks of when you mention the Fuji X range.  First the X Trans sensor, then the hybrid optical/evf view finders.  Finally the transitional controls with real aperture rings.

The X-E1 had no view finder and also a new range of lens with no aperture ring.  Now we have a new low end model the X-A1, this is similar to X-E1 but without the X Trans sensor; so basically a Fuji X branded camera with none of the features that define a X series camera.

Its an odd direction for Fuji to take, basically this is the same as most other mirror-less options, it will be interesting how it takes off.  I would also like to know if it has the AA filter.  The big thing about the X Trans sensor was it did not need the AA filter so if this does not but has a bayer array then their marketing department is sending mixed signals.

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