Light is an interesting thing.  Low sun tends to produce more interesting photographs then high sun.

Lincoln University

The above shot is an exception, taken in the Summer, close to noon with high sun.

Spring and Autumn can often produce better light then the summer or winter.

Somebody mentioned to me that Autumn has now started I was quite surprised I was sure we had a few weeks yet of summer still to go.

So a quick web search was in order, when do the seasons change?

It turns out there are three ways of defining the seasons.  The UK Met Office define them by strict calendar dates; June, July and August is defined as summer.  The way I feel the seasons should be calculated is by using the Solstice and Equinoxes to define the season changes.  The last way of calculating the seasons is by using phenology, so when the leaves start to change colour autumn is starting.

For more information check out the following two sites; The UK Met Office &

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