Low Sun and thoughts of Winter Landscapes

After the intense rain of the last couple of weeks, it been lovely to be greeted with bright blue skies the last few days.  With the low sun its been a difficult commute into work but with the improvement in the weather my thoughts have been on winter landscapes.

So with that in mind the mapping applications have been coming out and I have been looking at where the sun will be and where the tide will be over this weekend, as I feel a large format trip over to Whitby is in order.

If we pop up on the bike i’ll just be taking the Leica M4, M8 or Nikon V1, but if we go by car then it will be with my biggest heaviest tripod and the Ebony Large Format Camera.

If your interested in Apps for photography have a look at ‘The Photographer’s Ephemeris’ not a cheap app but very useful for looking at where the sun and moon will be at a particular location on a particular day, better on the iPad then on the iPhone.

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