Lunchtime Street Photography – Shopping on a Raining Day

Leica M8 50mm Summilux

It was a dull lunchtime earlier in the week as I walked around Lincoln with my camera.  As usual I had my Leica M8 but instead of the 35mm lens I was shooting with the 50mm for a change.  Set to f/8 and zone focusing it is often more luck then judgement that I get a photograph.

Zone focusing is something I keep practicing but if its too wet as most days are this winter then the camera stays in its bag.  When I get my Leica M10 i’ll not be quite as precious, but getting used to the different field of view will be an issue.  The Leica M8 has an APS-H sensor so a 50mm looks more like 65mm and the 35 more like 45mm.

I may end up walking the streets with a 35mm and a 90mm, with the 50mm lux (f/1.4) in my bag for when I go indoors and the light levels drop.

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