Micro Four Thirds – another look

Well today I had another look at the Micro Four Thirds range.

I am still looking for that perfect travel camera, small pocketable and with high quality large sensor and interchangable lens.

I had a close look again at the Panasonic GF-1.  Not the GF-2 as I don’t feel thats as good ergonomically.

I am still very tempted but the lack of decent wide angles, still puts me off.  Its the x2 crop factor, I feel wide angle does not really start until you get to 24mm, and on micro four thirds thats 12mm.

There is currently not much to choose from in that range and what there is is very expensive.

Still I going to have to decided soon or if I do want a GF-1, it may have to be a second hand model as they are going fast.


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