Motorcycling – Are you a Motorcyclist

Are you a motorcycist?

  • A motorcycle hobbyist
  • A motorcycle enthusiast
  • A motorcycle poser
  • A motorcycle boutique biker
  • A motorcycle “Power Ranger”

Or just a Motorcyclist.


Apart from the last three weeks which has been the longest break off the bike in the last ten years, I normally ride every day.  I commute to work, go on riding day outs, even holiday on the bike, touring round europe.

I ride every day not matter it its raining, hot or cold.  When I want to go anywhere, even if its just to the shops my thought is always to go on the bike.

Many people question what a real biker is.  Some really buy into the lifestyle, they buy the bike, matching outfit, then spend there time talking bikes, polishing bikes but hardly ever riding their bikes.

They often look down on other bikers who might have older bikes, mismatched leathers.  Of course anything less then 600cc’s is not a real bike.

I find if you ride, then your a biker, and you should treat all other bikers as such; no matter if a 50cc scooter, 1000cc superbike or that rather tasty Moto Guzzi.

Until I recover, the bike is staying in the garage but sad as I am I did sit on her at the weekend and start her up.  It felt good.  Hopefully I will be riding again soon.

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