Model shoot Inspiration – Autumn, and missed ideas

For my model shoots, planning is a major problem I find.  Its my timing.

For the summer I had some idea’s for a shoot.  The fields full of golden wheat, a young model posing in a sun hat with the wheat all round her.  Before I managed to get it planned and scheduled the fields had been harvested.

This Autumn it was a long coated fashion shoot with a model walking/kicking her way through leaves in the low golden sunshine. As always I have left it too long and now the leaves have left the trees.

The problem is I need to have the idea first then arrange for everything to come together at the right time.

So these summer and autumn idea’s will get filed for next year, and i’ll start thinking back to last winter and see what ideas I had and see if I can put something together for this winter.

and I still have not planned my winter shoot and the snow is here already. I really must plan better!

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