Motorcycling in North Yorkshire

Whitby Signs


We have just enjoyed a long weekend and for part of it we took ourselves off to North Yorkshire to have a bit of fun on the Motorcycle.  For minor roads over the North Yorkshire Moors the GS is very nearly the perfect bike, but its surprising what you can find on the moors, including a sometimes a posse of Honda Goldwings!

As is often the case we found ourselves at Whitby for lunch, and while walking around I was also taking a few snapshots.

Camera choice on the Motorcycle is limited, though having the big GS means we can fit any camera but its the tripod we cannot manage.  I decided to travel light but I also wanted a degree of flexibility so I chose to take the little Nikon V1 with the standard zoom.  This takes up little space and makes a great if expensive compact.


I took a mix of street scenes and a few landscape shots.  Its Photography like this I think the Leica X Vario would be good at when you don’t want to carry a full camera system, giving better image quality but still small, compact and having autofocus.

Bark Endeavour

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