Road trip – North Yorkshire Moors

Crossing the Ford
Crossing the Ford

We are heading off this weekend on a road trip.  While the milage will not be excessive the scenery will be fantastic  as we travel through the Lincolnshire Wolds, North Lincolnshire; the North Yorkshire Wolds and finally the North Yorkshire Moors.  Yes its a long weekend holiday and we will not be back until Wednesday.

So being on the bike we will be travelling light.  For a Compact Camera we will be taking the iPhone5 and iPhone4, as compacts their not bad, though I hope to put a Panasonic LX7, Leica DLux (yes rebadged Panasonic), and a Ricoh GR to the test soon as possible Compact companions, I also be squeezing in the Nikon V1 and a Leica M8.

Hoping the weather is good but not too good as I like testing the big BMW GS across the fords in the Moors.

While there we will be popping into Whitby for some of the sea food, but mainly this is a Motorcycling trip and the food and photography comes second.  Hopefully i’ll post a few pictures via twitter, always an advantage using the iPhone/Smartphone as a compact camera.


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