New Camera’s announced so far in 2013

Fuji X100sAs expected Nikon announced  more cameras in the Nikon 1 system and Fuji announced the replacement to the X100 and the X10 with the X100s and X20.

I was a little wrong with my Nikon predictions, I thought the new S model would sit between the J and V models but it seems the new S model is basically a dumbed down J1, so we now have the S1, the mid-range J3 and the V2.  The V2 is a nice improvement to the V1, the controls are much better, but its not enough of an improvement to tempt me to upgrade from my V1.

All the exciting news so far has been from Fuji.

The key improvements needed for the X100 was in focus.  With faster focus promised and focus peaking and a spilt field view for manual focus it will help those who need manual focus for critical detail.

Its hoped that the new features that depend on firmware will find themselves into cameras like the Fuji X-Pro1.  This is a camera that needs features to improve manual focus.  Photographers with classic old lens, especially people with Leica M glass are crying out for a cheaper option to use this glass on.

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