Only One Camera

Recently on Twitter there has been a discussion running about which camera, more particularly if you were limited to just one camera for the next ten years. No changing and no upgrading, what camera would you pick.

Because a lot of photographers in the discussion were Landscape Photographers there was a lot of bias towards the Larger formats and using film, but I though it an interesting question.
Hasselblad in the Bag
Because my Photography a mixture of genrers it’s difficult to pick a single camera. I would either have to pick a compromise or give up some genre of photography.

I found it very interesting that the top choices were for cameras like the old Bronica and Hassleblad and also for the brave the Ebony 10 x 8.

Certainly very good choices for the Landscape Photographers and the Bronica and Hassleblad also make good choices for studio photographers but for most of us not every day cameras.

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