Which Camera Style, Which Format?

The D800 has had lots of people including myself making comments mentioning that we now have near Medium Format Quality in a small format body.


With the cost of this why spend £20,000 on a medium format camera and lens at £5,000 each.

Or why go the other way, a Leica M, which needs manual focus, has no auto exposure modes, Costs £5,000, and lens which are anywhere from £1,000 to nearly £8,000.

Reading the internet forums people can get quite aggressive justifying their choice and putting down other cameras and users of other cameras.

The way a Medium Format Draws an image, the effect of Depth of Field on an image, and just the robustness of the files for processing means that for Medium Format users there is no comparison.

Leica S2

For Leica users, the small body, the ability to use a real view finder that shows more then 100% of the field of view, and the simply stunning lens that make it the smallest full frame camera system in the world, mean for them there is no other choice, why carry a huge heavy SLR.

Lee 75

Then the SLR user, the ultimate all-rounder that can tackle any job, why bother with any other system when you have such a capable system that can out perform in speed of focus, frames per second any other type of camera.

Choose you artistic tool of choice but please lets stop putting down other people for there camera choices.

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