Out and about in Jedbourgh

Jedburgh Castle

Our second day saw us having a break from the motorcycling riding, and spending the day having a good look around the local town of Jedburgh.

We have stopped in Jedburgh a number of times, but just used it as a stopping off point on the way to either the highlands or to the Western Isles, but with its magnificent old Abbey we kept saying we aught to stop a while and have a good look around, so this was are day for it.Jedburgh Castle PrisonThe weather once again was wonderful, so dressed in ‘smart’ polo shirt, shorts and sun hats we headed off to explorer.  Our first stop was at the castle.  This had been a prison in the victorian era but was now more of a museum.

Jedburgh Abbey

With the castle prison well explored and photograph we then headed off to the Abbey.  The abbey was quite well preserved and was used as the parish church until one was built.

Jedburgh Abbey Gardens


Jedburgh is well worth a visit with some find buildings and I came away with a good selection of photographs.


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