Visiting Melrose

Melrose Abbey

After our day in Jedburgh, we decided to hit the road, but ever so briefly and visit Melrose.  We made a quick stop first, just on the outskirts of Jedburgh to visit a quilt shop.  Caroline was restrained and only bought one kit, well we had limited luggage space on the bike ;).

A quick ride out and we were soon at Melrose.

It was a hot day and we left the helmets and gloves with the bike when we parked up.  We then quickly found a air conditioned tearoom to cool down and relax.

Sandwiches, Bannock Cake, and petit cakes, with Caroline having a pot of tea was lunch dealt with; it was now time to visit Melrose Abbey.

The lady at the till kindly offered to look after our jackets while we went round the Abbey.

Melrose Abbey Remains


After the Abbey we visited the local gardens.Flowers at Melrose

The gardens were used to produce dried flowers.  They still had a drying room and a lady there demonstrated some of the techniques they used.

Melrose Drying Room

Wondering round the gardens, taking in the views and taking photographs.  As we were on the bike I just had the Nikon V1 with me.  Walking round the gardens it proved to be an excellent choice.

Melrose House

With my biker jacket hung over one shoulder I only had one hand to operate the camera, but the V1 can easily be operated with one hand as long as you do not need to change modes.

SweetpeasOne handed operation and being able to quickly change settings is something to consider in small cameras.

Melrose was a great day out, if a little warm.  Heading back to Jedburgh we went via Kelso as that is another place we want to spend some time in the future.  As we rode through the town, the bunting was out and crowds lined the streets.  There was even groups of men and women on horse back.  Like the recent event in Jedburgh the riders were going to ride the boundaries of the town.  With its cobbled streets the town is definitely on our list for another longer visit.

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