Photo Trips – What to Pack

We have another photo trip coming up soon, off again to the Orkney Islands, so the thought again is what to packPhotoshop TouchThere is of course the general carry camera, which will be my iPhone and Leica.  Then its gets a little more difficult.  Standing stones and stone circles are on the island like the one above I photographed on Harris a few years ago with my Leica M8.  I would like to use Large or Medium Format, then there is the wildlife on the islands, so digital SLR with long lens, but you really do not want to be carrying too much up there.

The D800 is close to medium format in performance so that will be used for wildlife and where I would want to use medium format, leaving room for me to take the large format gear.

So it looks like it will be:

  • Leica M – carry everywhere camera
  • Nikon D800 – wildlife and landscape
  • Ebony – landscape


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