Planning my January Model Shoots

A quite day at home for us today.  We had decided to have the day off to extend our Christmas holiday.

The morning was spent contacting a few local models.  I am currently planning a location shoot to test a few new ideas for the new year.  The location is now all set so I just had to book a model.  I was wanting to try someone new so I contacted a few local models using some of the popular modeling forums.  I was soon sorted so now everything is booked.

Over the next couple of weeks I will finalise my ideas and make copious notes.  You really want a good plan for when your doing a shoot.  The location, sets, clothes, make-up and poses all ready and written down.

This does not mean you cannot use spontaneity during a shoot, but have a good plan before you start.  There are to many things that could go wrong, or you could get side tracked, forgetting what your trying to achieve and end up coming away with nothing.

For this particular shoot, the customer is just me.  The intention is to test out a few ideas and to test out a new location.  If it all goes wrong theres only myself that will get upset.

When its a paying customer you must plan everything out, have a full shot list and backup plans.

Even though the shoot is just for me and only a test, I will still treat it as if it was a normal paid shoot and plan accordingly.

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