Playing with Light – Part 1

Tonight a very short blog post.

Its been another busy day for me. Over the last week I have been enjoying myself in the studio. A mix of shoots for clients and a few for fun shoots for myself.

Above is a very simple shot of the lovely Artemis. She is a fantastic art nude model who I was photographing today.

Most of the work we did was art nude, and high contrast. Most of which will not be shown here as I try to keep this blog family friendly, but I also shot some fashion and pretty glamour.

Lighting in these shots is key. You can keep it simple and easy on yourself, a couple of softboxes giving a even flat light or go for something a little more dramatic.

The shot above is lit with just a simple single softbox. Positioned fairly closely to the model, this gives a very pleasant soft light, with a quick drop off, increasing the contrast.

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