Playing with Light – Part 2

Another day in the studio.  More playing with light.  Single large softbox with a white paper background.  The paper is unlit, just what is spilling from the single softbox.

A very simple shot, not to challenging.

Today was very hot and humid, and with no air conditioning in the studio, it was very tough for the model.  The lights still generate heat and even with all the fans going, Dani and myself were both dripping in sweat, which meant lots of breaks while Dani re-did her makeup.

Even so I had to do some work in photoshop to remove some of the excessive shine from the skin.

When the conditions get tough, remember your model, it is hard work hold poses in heat and humidity under hot studio lights.  Let your model take lots of breaks, ensure they drink plenty of water, and in the breaks you can re-adjust the lighting, and they can re-do their make-up.

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