Quality Images ver Image Quality

Nikon D200
Nikon D200

If you visit for internet forums you will find that camera x is rubbish and camera y is the ultimate.

Best DSLR Camera, Nikon, Canon etc, you will see people shouting that one the best and the others are unusable, incapable of producing a decent image.

Leica M8 & 50mm Summilux ASPH
Leica M8 & 50mm Summilux ASPH

Others claim that the SLR is dead, mirror less is where its at.  MicroFourThirds rules, No! Sony Full Frame A7R rules, no you need Fuji and its X system.

Nikon V1 10mm f/2.8
Nikon V1 10mm f/2.8

Others its all in the glass, you have to use Leica Glass, or no it has to be Canon L glass.

Well if the image is only going to be printed as big as A4 or is being shown on the internet, you can get excellent results from just about any camera.

The above shots are taken with a mix of cameras, from Nikon D200, Leica M8 to a little Nikon V1.  Below an old Nikon S3 compact.  Looked at from a 2014 perspective these cameras are old and one would say are past it.  The S3 was a 2005 camera as was the Nikon D200.  The Leica M8 was released in 2006 and the Nikon V1 is my most modern digital camera used in these photos released in 2011.

Nikon S3 Compact - Whitby Lady in Black & White
Nikon S3 Compact – Whitby Lady in Black & White

I think you will agree these four photographs are very nice quality images, they will all print well to A4 and I feel tell a story to the viewer.  The cameras: well apart from us photographers, who else is really interested in what camera was used, it does not matter.

Yes the V1 being the most modern has the least noise, the Leica with its CCD sensor and Summicron lens a little bit more film like.  The SLR was the easiest to use, but what is important, a quality image or image quality?

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