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Its been a busy week so far, buying paper and testing on my Epson 3880.  I have selected a set of images that are typical of the type of photography I do.  With these images I have been doing lots of printing on Tecco, Epson and Canson paper.

To get an optimum print you need a) a good icc profile which all three manufactures do have on their websites but also b) the correct printer driver settings for the paper type.

Epson is the easiest with it being an Epson printer, but its interesting to note that you cannot download just the profile, you have to download an installer that installs the icc profile and creates a folder with the documentation you need.  For some reason Epson have not signed the installer so if you are a Mac user, your Mac will refuse to install the untrusted application, its amazing that a company the size of Epson forgot to sign the installers.  They remembered to install the printer driver installer!

Security and Privacy

If you have not already you will need to pop into Security & Privacy and change your downloaded apps settings to Anywhere.  The installer will still fail if you just double click on it, you will have to command click and select open, that will then give you the option of running the installer.

All three of the paper manufactures have all the information you need to make quality prints but the information can be hidden on the website.  It was certainly easier to find on the Epson and Canson sites then on the Tecco.  Though I could not find the paper profile page on the Epson site, but my search engine did.

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