Screen Differences

Profiling and TrendingChris and myself both posted some images from our weekend wildlife shoot.  It was interesting that while most of our shots looked fine on our own colour calibrated monitors, the office laptop made my photographs look over exposed and Chris’s photographs underexposed.  Now while maybe neither of is was spot on with our exposures, they certainly were nothing like as bad as they looked on these office laptops.

The difference being of course that both myself and Chris operate colour calibrated and profiled work flows and that includes profiling our screens.

The office laptops are not and it really shows.  It also goes to show how ridiculous it is to judge cameras from low quality jpegs posted on the internet.  If a camera is tempting you, try it in your hand and take a memory card to shoot a few test shots to process in your own work flow and see how they hold up.

It also highlights how you should also not judge exposure from the LCD on the back of the camera, they are certainly not profiled and what looks good is generally not the best for actual image quality.

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