Selective Colour – Yes or No

Generally I shoot colour for clients, with a little Black & White.  For myself its a mix, sometimes mainly colour, other times its all Black & White.

Often Black & White images for clients are now more of what I call, selective colour.  Its a Black & White Image but some colour has been left in.

Its proving very popular exspecially for Weddings and if it sells then you do it.

I am in a very mixed mind set; not sure if I like it or not

If you click on the above two images you will be able to judge for yourself.

I shot these with my Leica M4 film camera with a Leica Summicron 35mm f/2. I used a colour film, and scanned the results.  I suspected at the time that the image might look good in Black & White with a slight sepia tint, but the green bottles would also look good in colour.

Once I had the scans in Adobe Lightroom I produced a Black & White version and then decided to go the desaturated route, while taking out most of the colour, the green stayed fairly strong in the bottles, so I decided to make a feature of it.

Now I cannot decide what I like most.  What do you think?

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