Setting up a camera – Part Two Leica M8

Steep Hill GigWell after telling you how I have my main SLR setup I thought I would follow up with my Leica.

The memory banks on the Leica are called User Profiles and there are four of them, unfortunately only three of them are useable.

  • User Profile 0
  • User Profile 1
  • User Profile 2
  • User Profile 3

The first profile is a system profile, it sets up the camera basically for beginners, so sRGB, jpeg only and base ISO.

User Profile 1 is my main profile.  Set to RAW, shutter to quiet mode and no image review, ISO is set to the base at ISO 160.  White balance is on auto.

User Profile 2 is also often used, especially when I want to shoot black and white.  Its the same as above but also saves out a jpeg in Black & White.

Lastly User Profile 3, this is same as User Profile 2 but has ISO set to 640 and white balance to 5000 K.  Useful under dark conditions under artificial light.  I also have image review set on this mode but no jpeg.

With this combination and the quick menu access button (the set button) I can set the major key areas then just override as I require.

Eg, need image review at base ISO, select User Profile 3 via the quick access button and override the ISO and white balance, while in the quick access menu. Sounds far harder then it is. It’s quick easy and saves you going into the main menu searching for the items you need to change.


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