Does the average Photographer need fast glass

Door FrameI was talking to another photographer recently who had switched from his large SLR’s to one of the newer large sensor bridge cameras.

I had a camera with me and attached was a fast f/1.4 50 mm lens.

He ventured his opinion that fast lens were no longer required. Also that if you wanted that fast aperture look you can fake it in Photoshop.

An interesting view and I can partially see the point but I suppose it depends on how you define a average photographer.

An average portrait photographer may want a fast portrait lens.

I have seen some lovely Landscapes shooting into the sun with a fast wide angle and sports and wildlife photographers often need fast glass to get their images.

So what’s right. Well neither view. If your happy and can get the image you want without fast glass then good but if you need fast glass and can afford it then use it.

I know of one photography who has two 28 mm lens. One at f/1.4 for when he needs speed but the other which he generally uses is f/3.5. As its smaller lighter and easier to use.

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