Sharpness and getting the shot

Last week I quoted Henri Cartier-Bresson who said that “Sharpness is a bourgeois concept”.

Well this past week I have been practicing my street photography and zone focusing.  Basically pre-focusing manually and then taking the shot as soon as the scene develops.

This can be for me a very hit and miss affair, but I am getting better.

Coffee TimeWhile in my local coffee shop I snapped a quick shot of the barista who was making my coffee.  Despite me reading recently about always being prepared, I had not increased my ISO enough and still had the lens set to f/8, so my shutter speed was close to 1 second, rather then the 1/60 second upwards I prefer to get a sharp image, still you can see what was going on and its not an unpleasant image despite nothing being in focus due to very severe camera shake.

So maybe Henri Cartier-Bresson was right?



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