Spring Photo Shoots – Getting Ready

Here at the Brown Household we are starting to get ready for our Spring Holidays/Landscape Photography Trips.

We have two Spring Holidays planned, one to the Forest of Dean and one to the Shetland Islands.

Part holiday but also part photography trip, so we will be taking the car and not the motorcycle, so we will not be to limited with regard to what equipment we can take.

The primary shooting is going to be Landscape so i’ll be taking the Large Format Ebony.


The secondary shooting will be be wildlife, so DSLR’s with lens up to 300mm will be needed.

Ferrys and hotels are now all booked so now its just a matter of research to try and locate some likely spots to visit to see if they are suitable.

Always exciting and certainly as far as the Shetland Islands, its the first time we have been there so should prove a new experience.

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