State of the Art – Now and Then

Austin7 in Large Format

I was reading a long term review the other day of one of the current state of the art high megapixel full frame mirrorless cameras.  The article linked to another photographer who as a bit of fun had published a few old shots from fifteen years ago taken on medium format film.

Fuji Velvia Film Scanned & processed in LR4
Fuji Velvia Film Scanned & processed in LR4

He had recently taken again the same shots with his new mirrorless camera and there was not a lot in it, but the new digital state of the art mirrorless did just pip it.

Mount Stewart-3

We are now in a new golden age of photography where kit costing a fraction of the tens of thousands of pounds professional photographers used years ago, can produce better images.

Even better, those of us who like using old classic film cameras like the Ebony, and Hasselblad V (see the first two shots above, third shot is cropped sensor mirrorless), can pick them up a fraction of the cost as people get rid of them to upgrade to digital.

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